The NTK widgets are easy-to-use components that process information. You connect them together so that data flows from one to the next. Widgets allow you to see the data they are processing, and make adjustments to how that data is processed, all while the project is running live with real inputs and outputs.


  • AnalogIn
  • Read a sensor value from an analog input
  • AnalogOut
  • Set the level of a PWM digital output
  • Servo
  • Set the position of a servo


  • CloudIn
  • Get data periodically from a cloud service
  • CloudOut
  • Send data periodically to a cloud service
  • Webhook
  • Sends a webhook URL to a cloud service


  • Audio
  • Control audio play/pause, volume, speed
  • Image
  • Control image X and Y position, Opacity
  • Text
  • Display text, control X or Y position, Opacity
  • Video
  • Control video play/pause, speed, and time position

User Interface

  • Button
  • Generate data from on-screen button
  • Keyboard
  • Responds to keys pressed on the keyboard
  • Knob
  • Generate data from on-screen knob


  • Data
  • Output text or numeric data in a sequence
  • Pulse
  • Periodically output fixed or random values
  • Tween
  • Outputs a stream of values transitioning from one number to another


  • Boolean
  • Evaluate up to four inputs and determine if any or all have a high value.
  • Code
  • Process up to four inputs with your custom Javascript
  • Count
  • Count the number of times an input value rises above the threshold
  • Gate
  • Use input to decide when other inputs pass through the widget
  • IfThen
  • Compare input with a number to decide what to output
  • Mix
  • Mix up to four inputs into a single output
  • Process
  • Invert, smooth, or add easing
  • Splitter
  • Split input values into four outputs
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