NTK Getting Started Steps

NTK is an authoring system that runs as a stand-alone application or in the web browser. To get started, you need to install NTK, which handles the visual authoring environment as well as communicating with your hardware.

  1. Install & Run NTK – Get NTK running on your computer or embedded device
  2. Configure Arduino – Some hardware (like the Arduino) needs to be set up
  3. Hook up Sensors/Actuators – To connect with the real world
  4. Author in NTK – Use a web browser to create a project with the widgets
  5. Widget Documentation - Once you’ve got NTK running, use widgets to create a project
  6. Developer Info - If you want to extend and improve NTK and can code in HTML/CSS/Javascript

What NTK can do


NETLabTK - Tangible IoT