NTK 1.1 Released with Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Posted on: 02/16/2016

NTK version 1.1 is out and includes two new widgets that do speech recognition and synthesis: SpeechIn and SpeechOut. We’ve also added text comparison to the IfThen widget so it can work with the SpeechIn widget. A bunch of bugs were fixed, including one that prevented more than one of a type of widget from working.

SpeechIn & SpeechOut

Thanks to the emerging browser speech recognition and synthesis APIs, we’ve been able to implement speech recognition and synthesis in an easy to use way. Simply add the SpeechIn or SpeechOut widget and start recognizing or synthesizing speech. The widgets are multi-lingual, and SpeechOut supports a range of different voices.


The IfThen widget now has text comparison capabilities. So, as seen in the above video, the widget can accept text in from its input, and the compare that text to a string that’s entered in the widget. The most common use is to use the “contains” comparison, where the widget will check the incoming text and see if any part of that incoming text matches any item in the list of comma separated text in the widget. In the video example above, text that contains “thank you” OR “thanks” will match and cause the widget to output the value on the right, otherwise the value on the left is output.

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