Toolkit Roadmap

This is a preliminary roadmap for the future of the NETLab Toolkit. We’d love to hear your feedback on the features you would like to see, and their priorities. Also get in touch if you would like to help with any of these projects.

Incremental Changes/Additions

  1. Fix the 32bit mode requirement on the Mac (requires resolving a serial RXTX library problem)
  2. Enable communication with arbitrary I2C devices via LinkM (only the BlinkM is currently supported)
  3. Allow arbitrary connections to any serial device
  4. Get outside developers to create plug-ins for other devices/interfaces – includes releasing full documentation and sample project

Major Changes/Additions

  1. Develop clients for mobiles devices (e.g. iPhone/iPad, Android) with bi-directional communication with a Hub
    • Allow for sensors on mobile device (touch, accelerometer, GPS, etc.) to be sent to Hub and any other client (e.g. Flash widget, Processing sketch, etc.) can subscribe to these feeds
    • Allow mobile client subscribe to any feed from any other client (e.g. another mobile client, Flash widget, etc.) – resulting in that feed driving a graphic, video, sound, etc. on the mobile device
    • Create a set of widgets to run on the mobile device for creating simple networked applications.
  2. Develop NETLab Toolkit widgets for HTML5 web browsers – these would look and function like the Flash widgets, and you would place them on a web page just like in Flash.
  3. Open Source Flash Source code
  4. Open Source Hub Source code

Last modified January 10th, 2012