Used in phone and tablet projects for setting the IP address of the remote Hub for all widgets, and for hiding/showing all widgets.

The MobileControl widget is a standalone widget with no inputs or outputs that provides a way to centrally set the IP for the Hub, for all widgets, at runtime. The user types in the address in the text field, and then presses the large button at the bottom of the widget. If a valid Hub is found at this address, all the widgets in the project will connect to that Hub to access an Arduino or another other device the Hub supports. A projects’s .xml settings file will also be stored by the Hub, in the Hub application’s folder.

Once the widgets have successfully connected to a Hub, touches on MobileControl’s button will alternately show and hide all widgets, similar to how the “\” key works on computers. The user can set whether MobileControl will partially hide or completely hide along with the other widgets.

The widget must be set to have an instance name of “mobileControl”.

On Screen Features

  • IP address: Enter the IP address of the computer running the Hub
  • Button: This blank button at the bottom half is used to connect all widgets to a Hub with indicated IP address. After successful connection toggles the visibility of all widgets.


  • autoConnect: If true, MobileControl will attempt to connect to the defaultIP when the project starts.
  • defaultIP: This IP address will show in the editable text field when the project launches.
  • hideAll: If true, the widget will go have alpha set to 0 at the same time as all widgets hide. If set to false, the widget will partially hide, showing only the button.
  • invisible: if set to “yes”, the widget will disappear when the Flash movie is run

Last modified July 12th, 2012