These widgets enable the processing and interpretation of values as they go from one widget to the next.

Logic and Processing Widgets

Code Provides a mechanism for inserting ActionScript code between widgets
Combine Processes up to four inputs and outputs the min, max, sum, difference, etc. of those inputs
Counter Outputs values that increase or decrease by an increment each time the input reaches a threshold
Envelope Processes its input to generate an output fade up and fade down within a specified range of input values
IfThenElse Tests a condition for true or false, and outputs different values accordingly – multiple IfThenElse widgets can be combined
ListItems Manages a list of text items, loaded from a text file, and delivers each item in order or randomly
Logger Records and plays back data streams
MobileControl Used in phone and tablet projects for setting the IP address of the remote Hub for all widgets, and for hiding/showing all widgets
TweenIt Outputs a stream of rising or falling values over a specified period of time

Last modified December 28th, 2013