Untitled-2_swf-2Status of a stepper to show if it is running or not

The StepperIn widget works with the Arduino and Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield v2, and listens to see if a stepper is running or not. It will output the value of the max setting if the stepper is moving, and the value of min setting if the stepper is stopped.

NOTE: StepperOut requires the arduinoStepper (get it from Github) sketch to be uploaded to the Arduino. This means that other NETLab Toolkit widgets cannot communicate (except for StepperOut) with that Arduino since the Firmata sketch is not running on the Arduino. (But it is possible to run more than one Arduino, where one is dedicated to the stepper motors, and another runs Firmata and works with all the normal widgets.)

On Screen Features

  • connect – Connects to an Arduino running the netlabtoolkitStepper sketch
  • id – Shows the stepper motor numeric ID
  • stepper moving – This button indicates if the stepper is moving or not. Click on it to manually change the state of the widget.
  • max – Sets the value that will be output when the stepper motor is running
  • min – Sets the value that will be output when the stepper motor is not running
  • invert – If set, reverses the output so min is used when the motor is running, and max is output when the motor is not running.
  • out – The current output of the widget


  • inputSourceUnused
  • invisible – If set to “yes”, the widget will disappear when the Flash movie is run
  • remoteHubIP – This sets the IP address of the Hub where the widget will get input values from a microcontroller.
  • serialPort – The USB serial port name that the device is connected to. On the Mac connected to an Arduino, you can leave the default (/dev/cu.usb*) if only one device is hooked up (for device other than an Arduino, check the Hub listing of serial devices to see the name of your serial device). On the PC, replace this with the COM port used, e.g. COM7. For more detailed info on how to set this parameter, see the common features for all widgets discussion here.
  • stepperID – The ID of the stepper on the Adafruit Motor Board.

Last modified December 26th, 2013