MediaControl is the NETLab helper application that handles control of external media such as sound and lighting. The current version supports communication with MIDI and the DMX lighting protocol. Communications with MediaControl are made through the OSC protocol. MediaControl can also be used independently of the rest of the NETLab components by sending OSC to it directly.



To use it for DMX lighting, you must have the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface. In the NETLab Widgets, use the DmxOut widget. If the DMX USB Pro is attached correctly, MediaControl will recognize it, and automatically connect to it. To test your DMX connection, select the “open dmx faders” button in MediaControl, and a new window will open with a set of 16 faders. Once you are sure you are communicating will your DMX devices, use the DmxOutput widget in Flash.


For MIDI, use the MidiOutNote or MidiOutCtrl widgets. In MediaControl, set the MIDI connection to the appropriate value – usually “from mediaControl_1_2 1” for software MIDI applications (see above image of the interface). This should make it available to other MIDI software applications. Once you’ve opened and set up MediaControl, open your software application (like Live), and select “from mediaControl_1_2 1” as the controller to use for MIDI control. For example, in Live, you could set it up this way:


In Live, you’ll need to use the MIDI Map Mode Switch (see below screen capture) to assign a particular key or controller message to something on a specific element in Live.

  1. Select the MIDI Map Mode switch in the upper right of Live
  2. Select the element in Live you want to control
  3. Use your widget or the MIDI controls in MediaControl to send the MIDI note or MIDI control message
  4. This will be assigned to the element in Live
  5. Turn off MIDI Map Mode and test to see if the MIDI message you used controls the Live element

See the help sections on “Creating Manual MIDI Mappings” and “Controlling the Mixer” for more info about this.


For MIDI hardware, select the appropriate piece of hardware in Media Control. You can then test with the on-screen keyboard for making notes, and the controller slider for sending MIDI control messages.

Using MediaControl without the widgets

To communicate directly to MediaControl and control DMX, send an OSC command to port 51010 with the format:

/mediacontrol/dmxout/data dmxchannel value

For example, to send a value of 255 to DMX channel 205, the OSC command would be:

/mediacontrol/dmxout/data 205 255

To communicate directly  to MediaControl and control MIDI, send an OSC command to port 51010 with the format:

/mediacontrol/midiout/note/data midiNote midiVelocity midiChannel

For example, to send a midi note 64 with a velocity of 127 to MIDI channel 12, the OSC would be:

/mediacontrol/dmxout/data 64 127 12

Last modified September 2nd, 2013