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5.3.4 NETLab Release Notes (3/22/2015) - The March 22, 2015 5.3.4 release contains updates to the CloudIn and CloudOut widgets to add support for Sparkfun Phant IoT service and the cloud supported devices. Also dropped support for, as they do no seem to be supporting their service anymore. CloudIn Support added for getting data from the Sparkfun Phant cloud service, either the […]
NETLabTK Update! (12/14/2014) - The Alpha version is now available: Watch the new NETLabTK in action. As we prepare to release an Alpha version, we wanted to update you on how it’s coming along. More details below the video.
5.3.2 NETLab Release Notes (10/21/2014) - The October 20, 2014 5.3.2 release contains minor updates including updates to the VideoControl and TweenIt widgets, plus a revised MediaControl app. VideoControl Now plays H.264 encoded (.mp4) videos well when using the speed and time modes (in addition to pause and restart). Adobe has phased out support for the .flv format in the 2014 […]
5.3.1 NETLab Release Notes (7/5/2014) - The 5.3.1 release of the NETLab Toolkit adds one major new feature and a few minor changes. The main feature is support for the new class of Internet of Things devices that are networked, such as the Arduino Yun and Intel Galileo. The toolkit is able to interact with these devices via the network instead […]
Intel Funding HTML5 NETLab Toolkit (4/25/2014) - We’re excited to announce that Intel, through its Design School Network and maker initiatives, has generously provided a gift of $25,000 to help in the conversion of the NETLab Toolkit to HTML5 for simple authoring in any web browser. Project founder Philip van Allen says “We’ve been planning the HTML5 version for some time, and now have the resources to build […]
5.1.0 NETLab Toolkit Release Notes (12/27/2013) - The 5.1.0 version of the NETLab Toolkit brings some new Flash widgets as well as bug fixes and stability improvements to the Hub. Formal release notes at the end of this post. Serial Improvements – In particular, this release continues our focus on supporting a range of devices and systems with improvements in the ability […]
Version 5.0.x Release Notes (7/19/2013) - The 5.0.1 release represents a significant step forward for the NETLab Toolkit (formal release notes at the end of this post). For the first time, we have posted all of the source code on GitHub, and given the software a formal open source license. In addition, we’ve updated our versioning approach to be more consistent […]
New Release Coming Soon (7/14/2013) - We be releasing a new version of the NETLab Toolkit in the next week or two. This new version will include many improvements and bug fixes. We’ll post complete release notes when the release is up, but I wanted to highlight a few of the improvements. Serial Input & Output – We frequently get requests […]
HTML5 Widget Sketch Now Saves (10/24/2012) - We’ve just added automatic saving of your project sketch to the HTML5 Widgets. Only one sketch can be saved right now, but we’re working on multiple sketches. We’ve also created a reference page for the HTML5 Widgets as well as a page tracking the rapid changes & news for this project.
ServoOut Added to HTML5 Widgets (9/18/2012) - The ServoOut widget is now available in the HTML5 authoring environment, and enables you to control a servo attached to an Arduino. More widgets are in the pipeline – which widgets are the highest priority to you? Send your suggestions via our contact form. Next up is a method for saving your projects.  

Last modified April 25th, 2014