This section of the site contains step-by-step tutorials for using the NETLab Toolkit.

  • Getting Started: Follow the Getting Started tutorial to begin using NLTK.
  • Toolkit Features: In the Toolkit Features tutorial, you can find instructions for accomplishing many common functions.
  • Arduino: You can learn how to use this popular open-source microcontroller with NLTK in the Arduino tutorial.
  • iOS/Android Devices: How to make a NETLab Toolkit project that works on iOS and Android devices
  • Kinect: How to use the Kinect with the Toolkit
  • OSC: OSC (Open Sound Control) is a communication protocol support by many software applications and physical hardware. This tutorial explains how to use the toolkit with them.
  • HubFeed: Learn how to use the HubFeed capability which allows you to share data feeds among different devices.
  • Processing: In the Processing tutorial, learn how to combine this open-source programming system with NLTK to create computer-based interactions.
  • XBee Wireless: Using Xbee modules (small, efficient wireless communication devices) is explained in the XBee Wireless tutorial.
  • Wiring Switches: How to correctly wire and connect a switch to an Arduino, using a voltage divider circuit
  • Make Controller: This Make Controller tutorial explains how to use another microcontroller with NLTK.

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Last modified May 21st, 2012