The NETLab Toolkit is a project of The New Ecology of Things Lab, an initiative of the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design.

The New Ecology of Things Lab (NETLab), led by Professor Philip van Allen, explores ubiquitous and pervasive computing in terms of theory, interaction, and significance. NETLab conducts research, develops prototypes, creates tools for designers, and publishes its work. The NETLab Toolkit (NLTK) is the first tool to be released by the group.

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Concept and Design: Philip van Allen
Flash Widgets Programming: Philip van Allen
Media Control Max/MSP Programming: Philip van Allen
Hub Design and Programming: Ewan Branda
Technical Documentation: Philip van Allen + Andrew Davidson
Video Tutorials: Philip van Allen
Website Design and Production: Andrew Davidson & Philip van Allen
Website Support: Dustin York


Sponsorship: Graduate Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design
Funding Grant: Faculty Enrichment Grant, Art Center Faculty Council


Software Libraries:

Site Power: WordPress, Wiki Theme
Site Icons: FamFamFam, WeFunction

Who’s Using It

Please let us know if your use is not listed
Last Updated February 2012

Selected Colleges using the toolkit

Art Center
CETYS University, Mexico
University of New South Wales, Australia
Kaywon School of Art and Design, South Korea

Commercial Projects

Infiniti Interactive Mirror
Acura Oracle
A+D Museum Installation
Other projects in US, England, Brazil, Mexico

Web Traffic Per Month

2,056 Visits
5,220 Pageviews
125 Toolkit Downloads
300 YouTube Views

Top 20 Countries by Visits

1 United States 870
2 Germany 144
3 India 122
4 United Kingdom 112
5 Canada 73
6 Italy 53
7 Hong Kong 52
8 Poland 45
9 Netherlands 37
10 France 32
11 Australia 31
12 Brazil 29
13 Spain 26
14 Belgium 19
15 Portugal 19
16 Malaysia 18
17 Sweden 17
18 Croatia 15
19 Mexico 15
20 Pakistan 15

Last modified February 9th, 2012