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5.3.2 NETLab Release Notes

October 21st, 2014, by Phil

The October 20, 2014 5.3.2 release contains minor updates including updates to the VideoControl and TweenIt widgets, plus a revised MediaControl app.


  • Now plays H.264 encoded (.mp4) videos well when using the speed and time modes (in addition to pause and restart). Adobe has phased out support for the .flv format in the 2014 version of Media Encoder.
  • Has a new parameter, hideVideo, which if set to true, will hide the video when it is not playing (only applicable to pause and restart modes). This is useful if you want to have several videos laid on top of each other and triggered at different times. Only the one that is currently playing will display, and the others that are not playing will be hidden.


  • This fixes a bug where in any of the looping modes, changes to the setting while using the .swf interactively would not take effect until a relaunch of the .swf.


  • Updated the code signing for the Mac to be compatible with recent Apple security updates.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error message when using DmxOut:  “% OSC-route: integer 1 is not an OSC-address”