Fall 2015 Update

Posted on: 10/27/2015

A quick update on the progress of the NTK project. In the past couple months, NTK has undergone extensive real-world testing with my students making complex projects with it (see screen shot below), allowing us to see the system in action. This led to lots of bug fixes, improvements, and the development of a few new widgets (Sequence and HTML).

Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet our goal of releasing a full beta release by early October. Beta release is now planned for the beginning of December, and is a major milestone for the project. At the same time, the incremental improvements (10 rapid releases) made in the last couple months have significantly improved reliability and usability, making it easy to install and useful in everyday situations.

The latest update has brought a new color palette to the Widgets, along with a coordinated widget toolbar. Here’s an image.


And another image that shows probably the most complex NTK patch to date:


More updates as we near the Beta release. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

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