Outputs a stream of values transitioning from one number to another

The Tween widget outputs a smooth stream of values that transition between two numbers, in a set time. This can create a natural fluid motion for graphics, motors, sound volume or any other output. Optionally, the widget can output a sequence of tweens to create more complex changes in the output (e.g. 0->500, 500->100, 100->1000,1000->0). Tweens and sequences can optionally loop.


1 Connect

Connect the trigger input to the first inlet. When the value from this input enters the trigger range, the widget will output values from start to end, in the duration specified.

2 Set duration, start, end

Set the characteristics of the tween:

  • time – sets the duration of the tween
  • start – sets the start point of the tween
  • end – sets the end point of the tween

These characteristics can also be controlled by connecting a widget to send values to the corresponding inputs for time, start and end.

3 More options


  • Threshold – Sets the point where the tween will be triggered if input values are >= this number
  • Return to start value – if checked, when the input falls below the threshold, the output will return to the start value
  • Loop – if checked, the tween will output continuously, going between start to end, and end to start.

If you need to generate a series of tweens, for example to to animate a graphic or create a complex movement with a servo, try out the Sequence widget.

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