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Outputs a sequence of values transitioning from one number to another

The Sequence widget outputs a series of smooth transitions from one value to another over specified times (e.g. 0->500, 500->100, 100->1000, 1000->0). This can create a natural fluid motion or animation for graphics, motors, sound volume or any other output . Sequences can optionally loop.

The widget supports up to 4 different sequences, triggered by four corresponding inputs. When an input value rises above the threshold value, the corresponding sequence is started (and if a previous sequence is running, it will be stopped and replaced by the new one).


1 Connect

Connect the trigger input to the first inlet. When the value from this input enters the trigger range, the widget will output the sequence.

2 Build a sequence

The widget supports up to four different sequences, each triggered by a different input. In the “more” section, you create a sequence by putting one tween per line, with start, end, time.

  • start – sets the start point of the tween
  • end – sets the end point of the tween
  • time – sets the duration of the tween

You can add as many tweens as you want, one per line.


3 More options

Several options are available for the sequences.

For all sequences, you can set the threshold value:

  • Threshold – Sets the point where the tween will be triggered if input values are >= this number

For each sequence, you can set the following:

  • Loop – if checked, the sequence will output continuously.
  • Return to – if checked, when the input falls below the threshold, the output will return to the value in the first field to the right, in the time set in the second field.
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