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Read a value from an OSC input

OscOut sends values to an OSC port

  • Default OSC Message: /ntk/out/1
  • Default port: 57120



1 Simulate

You can simulate an input by moving the round visual “knob” on screen. This way, you can see what happens to other widgets when they get values from the sensor.

2 Connect

Set the OSC message, IP address, and port you want to send to by editing them in the “more” section.


  • message: default of /ntk/out/1
  • server: default IP of (localhost), set to the IP address of the destination
  • port: default 57120, set to the port the destination software requires

Note that some OSC receivers expect to get fractional values from 0-1. If this is the case, put a Process widget before the OscOut (in between the widget sending data to OscOut) and set the range to 0 to 1. For example:


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