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Read a value from an OSC input

OscIn gets values from an OSC stream that matches the message specified in the input.

  • Default OSC Message: /ntk/in/1
  • Fixed port: 57190



1 Simulate

You can simulate an input by moving the round visual “knob” on screen. This way, you can see what happens to other widgets when they get values from the sensor.

2 Connect

  • OSC Message – Set the OSC message you want to listen for by editing it in the more section of the widget.
  • IP address – Your OSC sender must send to the local IP address of the device running the NTK server ( if the same machine)
  • Port – The sending app must send to port 57190

3 Adjust

Often the values coming from a input will not match what the rest of your project needs. So you may need to scale the input values.

  • In:  min and max – The input min/max allows you to match the incoming value range. For example, some OSC senders (TouchOSC) use fractional numbers from 0-1. In this case, set the min to 0, and the max to 1 to match the sender range.
  • Out: min and max – These settings allow you to scale the incoming values to your needs in the patch. For example, if the input value are going to drive a servo, you could set the min to 0, and the max to 180, which would give you the full 180 degree range of the servo.
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