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Generate data from on-screen knob

The Knob widget creates an on-screen round dial that when clicked or touched, outputs a value corresponding to the position on the dial.

Use the “drag” handle to move the knob to your desired position on the screen. The position of the touchable knob is independent of the widget, and when the widget is hidden, the knob will stay visible.

NOTE: This widget is currently in a primitive state, and will be improved to provide more control of the visual appearance of the knob.


1 Position Knob

Drag the knob to the location on the screen you want using the “Drag” element in the lower left of the knob. This position is independent of the widget itself.

2 Set the Min and Max

Set the values of the Min and Max as appropriate for your application. The defaults are 0 and 1023 respectively, but can be anything. For example, if the Button is sending values to the Audio widget Volume input, you could have the Min set to 0, and the Max set to 100 to get to full volume. When the Knob is at a minimum the volume will be zero (off), and as the values increase the volume will increase throughout the whole range of the knob up to full volume.

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