NETLab Toolkit – Tangible Interaction and Media

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The NETLab Toolkit is a system for integrating tangible interaction and media. Designed for project sketching and production, the toolkit enables novices and experts to integrate hardware, media and interactive behaviors for products, installations, and research.

This free collection of software makes it easy integrate all kinds of media with microcontrollers like the Arduino. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create interactive projects that combine sensors, video, text, graphics, sound, lighting, motors and more. These projects can be created quickly, without programming, using the smart widgets included with the Toolkit.

Intel Funding HTML5 NETLab Toolkit

intel_rgb_3000 2We’re excited to announce that Intel, through its Design School Network and maker initiatives, has generously provided a gift of $25,000 to help in the conversion of the NETLab Toolkit to HTML5 for simple authoring in any web browser. Project founder Philip van Allen says “We’ve been planning the HTML5 version for some time, and now have the resources to build a next generation toolkit for tangible interaction and the Internet of Things.” [more]

Here are some suggestions for starting to work with the NETLab Toolkit:

  • Overview: If you are new to NETLab Toolkit, we recommend you first take a look at the Overview section to get a basic understanding of the system–what it is, why we developed it, and how it works.
  • Getting Started with the Toolkit: Then you can Download the software, and follow the Getting Started tutorial to begin using it.
  • Tutorials: Go to the tutorials for specific instructions on how to work with Arduino, iOS devices, Kinect, and OSC.
  • Reference: You can always find complete, detailed documentation for all the toolkit components in the Reference section.
  • Videos: Watch videos from the tutorials.
  • Inspiration: Take a look at some project Examples developed with the Toolkit (or submit yor own!).
  • Learning: When you need more information, check out the Learning section of the site, where you can find FAQs, tutorials, and lists of resources that we have found useful.
  • Support: If you need more specific help, dip into the online community of NETLab Toolkit users and contributors in our Forum. If you need to contact us privately, please use the Contact form.
  • Sitemap: For a complete list of information available on this website, see the Sitemap page.
  • Updates: Finally, keep an eye on our blog, Hub & Spoke, for news and updates about NETLab Toolkit.

Intro to the NETLab Toolkit

See the tutorial Getting Started for more information.

The NETLab Toolkit is a project of Philip van Allen and the New Ecology of Things Lab in the Media Design Practices MFA at Art Center College of Design. Ewan Branda is the developer of the NETLab Toolkit Hub.

Last modified April 25th, 2014